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Top Reason You’re NOT Getting More Patients off the INTERNET

The top practices are getting over 50% of their new patients off the internet. What are they doing that you’re not? NUMBER 1: First of all, their website loads very quickly on phone, ipad and tablets. Why is this important? Studies show that if you’re site doesn’t load in less than 4-5 seconds, MOST will […]

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Direct Access Marketing Tips

PLAY PODCAST:  Subscribe iTunes We, as therapists, do not like selling, advertising, PR or marketing. But direct access marketing of our services is becoming more important than ever for the growth of our practice. And during down seasons (like the summer), it’s more important than ever to give your community a reason to think about your practice and […]

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End of Year Reminders Work!

Timing is said to be everything in business. Remind all your past patients, as well as physicians, that this is the best time to come get their physical therapy care. Why? Because their benefits and deductibles will renew at the beginning of the year and the holidays can be a difficult time to fit in therapy […]

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Physicians Are Saying (and you will be surprised) …

Physical Therapy Marketing to Doctors Every so often, I like to survey doctors and find out what they are really thinking. It’s important to know how they think and what matters to them since that’s the first step in building loyalty.  This is true in every relationship actually.  I ask them several questions, but today I would […]

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How to Sell Wellness & Elective Services

If you are not selling elective and wellness services well by now… you need to start soon. Practices that will grow into the future will not only offer traditional “therapy” services but elective and wellness services, and sell them well. Services such as… Stress Relief Fitness Performance Enhancement Massage Weight-Loss 830laser Yoga and more… Now […]

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