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Get Your Copy of “3 Ways to Beat the Insurances & Collect More”

Insurance companies are denying, stalling, and playing more games than ever before. If you don’t know how to play back, you are in for a bumpy road. Do yourself a favor and read this information before it’s gone! …

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$10,000 Per Hour Secret for Those in Private Practice

Private Practice Can Keep You Busy Doing the Wrong Things! Most failing practices seem to share a common denominator, the owner of the physical therapy private practice is not doing what he or she is supposed to be doing. The owner is wasting time. Time is more valuable than money. Money always comes and goes but “time” once spent can never be recouped. As a result, their new patient volume suffers, their cash-flow suffers, their team spirit and morale suffers. What are the …

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Physical Therapy Billing G Codes Made Easy!

physical therapy billing G Codes may seem to be a big burden for therapy clinics but it doesn’t have to be. Medicare Will Require G-Codes and C-Modifiers be Included on the Claim All physical therapy billing, as well as occupational therapy and speech therapy billing, will have to include functional reporting G codes and C modifiers on the claims or they will get denied beginning July 1, 2013.  Don’t worry, the new requirements are not that difficult to implement.  And these …

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