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Tips To Avoiding Many Mobile Marketing Scams

Are you aware of mobile marketing? Have you made a marketing plan? Perhaps your existing plans could be improved. Is your current marketing plan working with or against your business? Is your plan adapted to your audience? If you are unable to respond to these questions with confidence, check out the following tips. Cell Phone […]

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Beware of This Warning Sign

“There’s not enough time in a day.” This is a phrase, I’m hearing a lot these days. Many private practice owners are saying it, or thinking it, much too often…and they don’t know why. This warning sign is much more serious than one might think. Don’t just pass it off as a “busy” or “bad” day. […]

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Physicians Are Saying (and you will be surprised) …

Physical Therapy Marketing to Doctors Every so often, I like to survey doctors and find out what they are really thinking. It’s important to know how they think and what matters to them since that’s the first step in building loyalty.  This is true in every relationship actually.  I ask them several questions, but today I would […]

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A Physical Therapy Marketing Plan to Consumers Directly

Physical Therapy Marketing Plan Secrets to Consumers Directly A physical therapy marketing plan that doesn’t target consumers directly isn’t a plan at all.  One cannot sit around waiting for physicians to refer any longer. You must get up and take action! Why? Physicians are referring less due to the increased patient co-pays and deductibles (and lack of […]

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