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Top Reason You’re NOT Getting More Patients off the INTERNET

The top practices are getting over 50% of their new patients off the internet. What are they doing that you’re not? NUMBER 1: First of all, their website loads very quickly on phone, ipad and tablets. Why is this important? Studies show that if you’re site doesn’t load in less than 4-5 seconds, MOST will […]

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Tons Of Online Marketing Inspiration For Ambitious Businesses

The internet is an increasing important part of doing pt private practice and companies need to be aware of that and use it to reach their potential. If you are overwhelmed by all the information about online PT marketing, just start with the basics. Use your new found knowledge to use online marketing to your […]

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Tips And Tricks To Increase Affiliate Marketing Success

It is not possible to know everything about Internet marketing. Not only is the field broad, Internet marketing changes frequently, and there is much to be learned. This article can help boost your efforts in Online marketing. Flashy, dazzling websites might be a good idea in theory and might even attract some people, but the […]

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