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How to Get Patients to Choose You

  “If prospects IDENTIFY with you, they’ll come in. If they LIKE you, they’ll come back. If they LOVE you, they’ll bring in family and friends.” -JamesPT HOW TO get prospective patients to… Identify with you: People identify with real people. If you want people to CHOOSE you, share more than just your schooling, credentials, specialties […]

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How Do I Compete Against Hospital-Physician-Corp Monopoly Attempts?

It sucks when Goliath doesn’t play fair. In every industry, there will be bigger players trying to leverage their resources to gain an advantage–this is not new. So it is with our industry. Corporations, hospitals and physicians will try and steer patients to their therapy services, and rightfully so.  I acknowledge that there is an […]

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Patients Hate it When You…

Loyalty is the foundation of a practice that’s independent and free. Without patient loyalty, you will always be wondering where your next patient will come from.  It becomes a never ending search for more new souls to feed a machine that keeps eating up and spitting out lives. You will be chained down to your practice/business […]

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