Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas on Mega Free Sites

Your physical therapy marketing ideas have to evolve.

Important:  if you are serious about growing your therapy private practice in this new century, you must read this entire page. Don’t limit your physical therapy marketing ideas to ‘old school’ ways.  There are tons of mega sites that allow free advertising, promotions, and offers to consumers.  Take advantage of these methods that are totally free (in most regions).  One example is Craigslist.  Millions of people browse Craigslist for many things including what’s happening in their community.  Getting your promotions, classes, discussions on various topics on to Craigslist can lead to new patients. Several of the sections and topics you should gain presence in are: physical therapy marketing ideas

1. Community

There are several categories under this section where you can list your business promotions.  Such as ‘activities’, ‘local news’, ‘groups’, ‘events’, and ‘classes’.  Be creative and post interesting information, notices, and promotions. Use keywords that you think consumers will “search” in order to get more exposure.  (Remember to always include a link to your website in order to gain a backlink and rank higher on Google search).

2. Discussion forums

The most obvious discussion groups you should participate in are ‘fitness’ and ‘health’ but use your imagination and browse around for other sections where your services can be brought up in discussion such as “gardening”.  Use keywords that you think consumers will “search” in order to get more exposure.

3. Services

This category is a must.  You won’t always see much displayed here (depending on your region).  But nevertheless people are looking here.  Having your services and benefits listed under “therapeutic” can lead to consumers calling you.  Expand your physical therapy marketing idesa to new heights! Be creative.  Use keywords that you think consumers will “search” in order to get more exposure.


1. Increased consumer outreach

Millions of people use and browse Craigslist every day.  Don’t be left out.  Most practices don’t have presence on this huge heavily trafficked site.  You can today.

2. Higher ranking on Google

Every time you post something here, list your website url (address) and it immediately creates a backlink to your website from a reputable and credible site. Google heavily weighs back links in their algorithm in displaying search results.

3. Free

The benefits far outweigh the costs here.  Getting exposure on this mega site is free in most regions.  It’s a great task to give your marketing assistant or other staff member.  It can lead to big results.  And it’s free! Simply go to and choose your state and city. Don’t limit your physical therapy marketing to mere ‘old school’ and traditional means.  Tap into your local community by exploring these fast, easy and free channels and you just might grow your business. Learn more details on how to use Craigslist to grow your practice at an IndeFree Private Practice Secrets course near you.

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