When nothing is going right…

I learned early on that I am not always right.

So when nothing is going right, I now go left.

I started my first practice, straight out of school, when I was 26 years old (and thought I knew everything) and it failed.

So, I started doing the opposite of everything I knew…and it led to great things.

Here are 11 things I did the opposite of when starting over in my second try at private practice.

  1. I stopped saying, “It’s nice to meet you.” when greeting new patients.
  2. I stopped asking, “How are you?”
  3. I stopped trying to treat ALL conditions sent my way.
  4. I stopped going door-to-door to doctor’s offices.
  5. I stopped verifying benefits.
  6. I stopped reminder calls to patients.
  7. I stopped being a perfectionist.
  8. I stopped hiring friends and family.
  9. I stopped saying “Yes” all the time.
  10. I stopped advertising “Physical Therapy”
  11. I stopped being obsessed with “self”

And what resulted was something great.

I started connecting with patients at a much deeper level. I made more money (even though I stopped chasing it). I ramped up very quickly. I enjoyed treating again…(sometimes running a business can make you not enjoy it).

I realized I didn’t know everything.

So now when something doesn’t go right, I go left 🙂


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James Ko

I believe... "It's not the strongest practices that survive and grow, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most adaptable to change." I'm a physical therapist, private practice owner, and founder of IndeFree Association. I like reading James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, enjoy golfing and playing guitar. I love playing with Mac and Cozy! For over 15 years, I've helped thousands of practices grow and succeed. This is my dedication.

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