Is Physician Marketing Dead?

Let me start by saying I DON’T LIKE PHYSICIAN MARKETING.

I remember when my first practice was failing and, as a last resort, I went door-to-door to physician offices almost every day.  I always had a sinking feeling in  my stomach when marketing to physicians. Not enough to make me vomit but definitely enough to make me gasp “I didn’t go to school for eight years and pay over $100,000 to be doing this…”

But I did it anyway.

(Why? Because that’s what everyone told me to do.  I was desperate, what can I say.)

physician marketing

Is traditional marketing to physicians dead?

My immediate reaction is an astounding YES!  (It’s been dead for over 5 years now actually).  But let me say this…you have to have a good relationship with the medical community around you in order to become super successful.  Hands down, the most successful practices in the country (the multi-million dollar practices) are brilliant in understanding this critical element.  (Even if you have an all cash based practice, you’d better understand this.)

Is traditional marketing to physicians dead?  Yes.  Going door-to-door saying, “Hi, my name is ______ and I have a practice down the street…open Monday through Friday 7 to 7… Saturdays 10 to 2… Sundays by appointment only…I’m really good with my hands… and your patients will thank you for sending them to me…”  does not work anymore.

You have to do it better.

You can’t be viewed as a lowly salesman and expect physicians to send you a stream of patients.  You have to become like-able and cultivate relationships.  How do you do that?  How do you accomplish it without going door-to-door?

Well, physician marketing is not common sense.  There are no classes on the subject and it can’t be found in a book, blog, or internet somewhere.  Only those who have done it before can tell you about it.  I will say this.  It involves knowing how physicians think, what it takes to gain their respect, and providing that which makes their life easier.

Here are some quick tips…

…on how to begin changing your approach to physician marketing (I can’t teach you everything in a blog post):

  1. Do NOT go door to door. It sends the wrong message.
  2. Get THEIR patients asking about you, or something you offer.  A fast and easy way is to get your brochures in the doctor’s office lobby.  I’m not talking about your typical brochure that has your logo and a picture of the front of your building on it.  No. I’m talking about a brochure that highlights a solution to a problem such as “Fibromyalgia: and how to begin healing.” or “Low Back Pain:  How to make it stop.” (you get the point).
  3. Host a fun contest or give away a scholarship.  This works well.  Learn more at an IndeFree Private Practice Secrets course.

Over the next few months, I will also be posting more on this subject so check back to learn some secrets that are helping therapists across the country build better relationships with physicians…and get a lot more patients!

To get more information on how to market to physicians effectively, attend the next IndeFree course in your city.  You can also read some recent blog posts here at that teaches real life marketing strategies.

“James Ko and his organization have been instrumental in assisting with marketing materials and planning in the growth of my business. I highly recommend James’ services to anyone who is looking to grow their practice.” –Lester Hammond, PT, Central FL


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