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Cancellation Policy for Patients in a Physical Therapy Private Practice

Should you have one? The answer is an astounding, YES! Why? Patients must give a minimum of 48 hours advance notice prior to canceling. Why? It gives us time to put someone else in the slot who needs it. Otherwise it’s considered a “Late Cancel” and there is a $30 fee. It costs you much […]

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No-Shows & Last-Minute Cancellations

What do these violations mean? Well, I know that patients can forget … and unexpected things can come up occasionally in life. That’s part of life, right? But when no-shows and last minute cancels are high for a private practice (over 5%), it usually means something else. It’s a red flag. It means that the performance of your staff, […]

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Increase My Physical Therapy Prices, Really??

Don’t be negative. Should you decrease your physical therapy prices? Accept lower reimbursement? Spend more time and energy on sessions even when not/hardly getting paid? A lot of negative news is ringing throughout the physical therapy private practice world, but I want you to know…these are the best of times. There’s so much to be thankful for and so […]

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HIPAA “Beefing-Up” Enforcement

Is your practice at risk? Are your HIPAA forms and procedures in compliance? Most physical therapy practices are falling short and don’t even know it. HIPAA regulations are serious and not just mere technical compliance anymore. Patient privacy and protecting health information is a hot topic today and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said they will strengthen […]

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You Should Be Scared About This…

The government is coming after you…even if you did nothing wrong. You never think about physical therapists as being a danger to society, or the country, but that’s the new campaign spearheaded by Medicare and the government. Physical therapists are the “flavor of the month” in the government’s pursuit for more monies in this never ending […]

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