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Physical therapy business secrets including marketing, billing, and collections.

The 3 Types of Practice Owners – Which One Is Most Likely to Succeed?

Type 1: “The Driver” – They work hard and have achieved a fair amount of success. They don’t utilize a lot of employees. Keeps overhead low. Focuses on treating patients extremely well. Don’t have much internet presence (Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc.). Rely on physician and word-of-mouth referrals. Don’t have much time. Juggles business, family, and personal life (but it’s not easy)…and don’t have much […]

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Beware of This Warning Sign

“There’s not enough time in a day.” This is a phrase, I’m hearing a lot these days. Many private practice owners are saying it, or thinking it, much too often…and they don’t know why. This warning sign is much more serious than one might think. Don’t just pass it off as a “busy” or “bad” day. […]

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Best Gifts for Physicians & Other Referral Sources

If you are not planning to send gifts to your referral sources this year, you might want to think again. Surveys show that it increases referrals when sending a Christmas gift or card. It’s important to remind people they are important to you by thinking about them during the holidays. It can help your business grow […]

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The Superbowl of Physical Therapy Business

Are you playing to win the “Superbowl of Physical Therapy Business” this year? Do you want to be the BEST place in your community for patients to get treated, the best place for physicians to refer, the best place for employees to work? At the end of the year, there will be a winner in […]

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