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Physical therapy billing secrets including insurance appealing, and coding strategies for success.

Performance Based Pay by Medicare

Performance based pay by Medicare is changing health care as we know it. This isn’t something that might happen down-the-road.  The WHEN has already been established and much of the effects permeate our delivery systems now. In unprecedented fashion, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Secretary of Health and Human Services, made history by actually setting goals and publicly announcing very specific […]

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Insurance Companies Short-Changing Therapists

I don’t like to see our profession getting ripped-off. It’s bad enough that reimbursements are being cut and we are being told our procedures and modalities don’t have any value anymore (ie. cryotherapy, electrical stimulation, etc.). Now, to add more cut to the crime they are using underhanded tactics to further rip us off. HERE ARE TWO WAYS […]

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Get Your Copy of “3 Ways to Beat the Insurances & Collect More”

Insurance companies are denying, stalling, and playing more games than ever before. If you don’t know how to play back, you are in for a bumpy road. Do yourself a favor and read this information before it’s gone!

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Physical Therapy Billing G Codes Made Easy!

Physical Therapy Billing G Codes may seem to be a big burden for therapy clinics but it doesn’t have to be. Medicare Will Require G-Codes and C-Modifiers be Included on the Claim All physical therapy billing, as well as occupational therapy and speech therapy billing, will have to include functional reporting G codes and C […]

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