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The 3 Types of Practice Owners – Which One Is Most Likely to Succeed?

Type 1: “The Driver” – They work hard and have achieved a fair amount of success. They don’t utilize a lot of employees. Keeps overhead low. Focuses on treating patients extremely well. Don’t have much internet presence (Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc.). Rely on physician and word-of-mouth referrals. Don’t have much time. Juggles business, family, and personal life (but it’s not easy)…and don’t have much […]

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Don’t Chase Money, Increase Your Influence Instead

Oftentimes it’s the small changes that lead to the greatest rewards in business. October is here and as fall begins, people become more emotional. They long for true stories–authentic and inspirational, real, genuine. Don’t chase after money. It sets the wrong tone. It’s the wrong mindset to have. Meaning, don’t aggressively feature or highlight your […]

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